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Article on Amanda Gregory in the Santa Barbara Independent-2021

     "...And that was just the beginning of the black and white ball that still has guests talking about the most unusual, captivating entertainment imaginable...The event surpassed its fundraising goal, leaping past the $650,000 mark. And then there was 'Xenoglossia.' Amanda Gregory introduced her performance art in a spectacular presentation that had the black-tie crowd in awe. A trained opera singer, Gregory best describes the experience, as "an ensemble of shape-shifting matrix transplants utilizing light, sound, color and symbols to transport you into a holographic reality...Even her prismatic hair changed colors, in keeping with her vocal frequencies..."
The Knells

     "[The Knells'] lyrics ponder cosmic conditions and cycles — time, space, dissolution, regeneration — and they are sung by three women, often in cascading counterpoint that can invoke Renaissance polyphony or Minimalism. The songs aren't verse-chorus-verse; they sweep ahead, through passages of tolling solo electric guitar, of elegiac vocal melodies and harmonies, of note-bending quasi-Indian strings and guitar, of progressive-rock processionals. The classical training and female harmonies can make the Knells similar to Dirty Projectors, but this band looks toward Europe and tone poems rather than Africa and pop. Instead of hooks there are sustained dramatic arcs, meticulous and serpentine."

-The New York Times

Nouveau Classical Project

     “expert technique, impassioned playing” - I care if you listen

     "...bringing a refreshing edge to the widely conservative genre...NCP's work makes a stage for finding           nuance in rigid categories." - VICE

     "Leading this unlikely intersection of classical music and fashion..." - THE NEW YORK TIMES

     "The Nouveau Classical Project is…putting a new face on classical music." - NPR

     "Classical music’s got an edge these days, and we have the Nouveau Classical Project to thank for that."       - MILK MADE

     "NCP...deserve props for the premiere performance..." - NEW MUSIC BOX



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