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     Amanda Gregory is an opera singer, immersive experience designer, multimedia performer, sound artist, composer, and researcher.  Her career brings together art and science, exploring human potential and the nature of reality. With a background in both traditional and contemporary opera and knowledge in mathematical music, Gregory has developed a role in cross-disciplinary collaborations, leading to the creation of multisensory events.
She earned a Masters in Music from the Manhattan School of Music and works as a research associate at UCSB's META Lab.  She is also involved with UCSB’s Molecular Biology Lab and participates as a remote resident at the Santa Barbara Center for Arts, Science, and Technology (SBCAST).
     During her live performances, Gregory uses psychoacoustic effects such as binaural frequencies and EMDR. Her sound design, which intersects neurobiology and psychophysics, includes soundscapes inspired by nature and explores biomimicry, biorhythms, cymatic frequencies, synesthesia, and quantum potentialities. Gregory's projects often combine artistic data sonification with theoretical perspectives. Her work has been presented at various venues and events, such as the Contemporary Arts Museum (Houston), Lincoln Center, DWeb Camp, Google Launchpad, the Global Energy Conference,  Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, NeuroLeadership Summit, Oculus Rift VR, Obscura Digital, Diverse Intelligences Summer InstituteDesign Science Studio, and the Google IO conference, where she premiered “Atlas of Emotions”, an immersive media project based on an online tool that was originally commissioned by the Dalai Lama and created by Drs. Paul & Eve Ekman to foster emotional awareness.  She has also performed at SWSW, MAPS, Lightning in a Bottle, Adobe’s Festival of the Impossible, the Awakened Futures Summit, the Science of Consciousness Conference, the Unified Planet on Earth Day for 15,000+ listeners, and in venues throughout Ibiza, Spain.  She recently performed the opening ceremony at the Buckminster Fuller Institute’s 40th anniversary event, the closing ceremony at the Neurotherapy Conference in Santa Barbara, the Synesthesia festival in Portugal, and the Buckminster Fuller Institute’s 40th Anniversary.
     Gregory is currently developing immersive audio-visual experiences to foster “open mindfulness”, in collaboration with UCSB’s Meta Lab, the Center for Human Potential, and SBCAST, this project aims to expand beyond traditional boundaries and open new dimensions of awareness. Her work and its impact in arts, science, and technology have been detailed in a feature by the Santa Barbara Independent.

*Video artwork on this website's background is by Scott Gregory
ResoVoir- the 24-hour day into 24-minute brain wave journey
Audiovisual performance with video by Scott Gregory and sound by Amanda Gregory
Buckminster Fuller Institute's 40th's Anniversary- December 2023
Gray Area in San Francisco
Amanda Gregory Scott Gregory ResoVoir 1
Amanda Gregory Scott Gregory ResoVoir 2
Amanda Gregory Scott Gregory ResoVoir 3
Amanda Gregory Scott Gregory ResoVoir 4
Amanda Gregory Scott Gregory ResoVoir 5
Amanda Gregory Scott Gregory ResoVoir 6

     ResoVoir -  synergistic blend of neuroscience and audiovisual art of 24-minute multisensory expedition. This intricately designed auditory venture draws upon the therapeutic process of neurostimulation protocols targeting the parasympathetic nervous system, sensorimotor rhythms (SMRs), and invigorating gamma brain waves. Utilizing sonified patterns of nature and voice-generated psychoacoustic effects, the live symphony navigates through scientifically substantiated frequencies such as 528hz, and songs of diverse species, promoting deep, meditative engagement.

     The biorhythms of a human being are represented by the heart beat, sound of waves (digestion cycles), and vocal echoes mirroring evolving brain wave states, interconnected with the subsonic frequency of the Schumann resonance of 7.83hz (a frequency in which all life forms are fundamentally interconnected.  (Vibrational Resonance Theory)

     The longterm goal is to create a visual and auditory representation of the "music" that our physical bodies create at different levels, from atoms all the way up to the planet as a biosphere and eventually, utilizing spatial sound, highlighting resonance of planetary systems and beyond.  

With each minute representing one hour of a 24 hour day, this piece guides participants through the journey of a life form throughout the daily cycles on Earth. 

Neurosonica- a multi-sensory performance with light, sound, and scent
Neurotherapy Conference- November 2023

     In the closing session of the Neurofield Conference, Amanda Gregory unveiled a synergistic blend of neuroscience and audiovisual art in a multisensory expedition. This intricately designed auditory venture draws upon the therapeutic benefits of neurostimulation protocols targeting the parasympathetic nervous system, sensorimotor rhythms (SMRs), and invigorating gamma brain waves. Sonified patterns of nature and live voice-generated psychoacoustic effects, biorhythmic symphony navigates through these scientifically substantiated frequencies, promoting deep, meditative engagement.  The auditory journey was enriched with a visual ballet of colors synchronized to react to the evolving soundscape, while the ambient diffusion of floral essences enhanced the immersive experience. Participants were thus invited to a sanctuary where the potentialities of frequency therapies unfold in a harmonious embrace, offering a glimpse into the burgeoning domain of neurosonic healing.

Organoid AI Dance Project
Collab with UCSB's Molecular Cellular and Neurobiology Department
Santa Barbara Center for Science Art and Technology- November 2023
Amanda Gregory Organoid AI Dance Project flyer art SBCAST
Amanda Gregory Organoid AI Dance Project at SBCAST
Kyle Ruddick video projection Organoid AI Dance Project
Tjitse Van Der Molen Organoid AI Dance Project
Amanda Gregory and Liv Terrobias Organoid AI Dance Project
Organoid AI Dance Project Party

     Our interdisciplinary team including neurobiologist Tjitse Van der Molen and Liv Terrobias, in collaboration with experts like Marco Pinter and Kyle Ruddick, spearheaded a unique science-themed ecstatic dance event at SBCAST, hosted by Alan Macy. This pioneering project explored the potential first steps towards interactive communication with lab-developed brain organoids using gestural language. Participants engaged in a unique experiment where their dance movements, captured via a sophisticated data capture system, are to be analyzed by AI to discern patterns linking physical gestures to sound-induced responses. This exploration aims to translate dance gestures into data visualizations to send to the organoid as a form of data signal, and to then represent the neural activity of the organoid through a data visualization of dance gestures.  This innovative approach seeks to enhance our understanding of neural development and potential communication methodologies with brain organoids developed in UCSB's Molecular Biology Lab.

TEXERE_A Tapestry is a Forest (prototype)
VR experience with sound by Amanda Gregory- October 2023

     TEXERE_A Tapestry Is A Forest transforms traditional weaving into a three-dimensional metaverse experience. In this virtual environment, users interact with a digital memorial tapestry, resembling a forest, to explore themes of loss. Movements of avatars create glowing paths between trees and flowers, producing responsive musical sounds. This project reimagines memorials as vibrant, collective spaces, challenging stigmas around public discussions of loss. Developed through the CripTech Metaverse Lab with support from Gray Area, HTC Viverse, and Leonardo ISAST, it was featured at Gray Area's Plural Prototypes Exhibition in San Francisco, October 2023.

     Collaborating with project creator Indira Allegra, I played a crucial role as a sound artist. My work involved designing unique soundscapes for 42 trees, each responding sonically to user interactions. This interactive soundscape evolved with visitor movements, enhanced by vocal loops on a virtual flower, offering a serene, therapeutic experience at a calming 528Hz frequency. This collaboration with HTC Vive Arts, Leonardo ISAST, and Gray Area, supported by Vive VR and the Unity team at Dot Dot Studio, with 3D visual design by Serena Treppiedi, redefines the concept of interactive memorials in the metaverse.   

*More about this project with the Criptech Metaverse Lab at VIVEARTS

Unity Developers at DOTDOT: Kate Stevenson, Chris White, Jacques Foottit
Technical Artist at DOTDOT: Jeff Jones: 
3D Design: Serena Treppiedi
Sound Design: Amanda Gregory

Live Performance with Thermal Gestures
Interactive Installation by Marco Pinter with Amanda Gregory- June 2023

     In this performance with Thermal Gestures by Marco Pinter, I oscillate between using my voice and body to paint electromagnetic visualizations in this installation while modulating the live vocals, creating an improvised synaesthetic tapestry of thermal visuals and psychoacoustic sound. For future performances, the goal is for the mode of synchronization and interaction between sound and visuals would be more automatic and simultaneous, but this is an example of how the two modes can interplay for a synaesthetic experience.


C'est l'extase langoureuse 
Operatic performance by Amanda Gregory for a Wedding Ceremony
Ibiza, Spain- October 2023
      Video by Mira Arad and Vytautas Vaičaitis
      Location: Church of Sant Miguel in Ibiza, Spain
      *See transcription and English translation of song text by clicking on video above

     The performance at the ceremony for Tatiana and Lucian Tarnowski celebrated their profound love and sacred union. Historical context is key to understanding the chosen song for this occasion, composed by Claude Debussy in 1888. It is based on Paul Verlaine's poem “C’est l’exatase langoureuse,” from his 1872 collection "Romances sans paroles." In the late 19th century, discussing bliss in the context of romantic or sensual love was culturally sensitive. Symbolist poets like Verlaine often employed metaphors and symbolic language to delicately address these themes. The fusion of Verlaine's words with Debussy's melody parallels the emotions of human experience with the majestic beauty of nature, making this piece an everlasting homage to the quiet yet powerful influence of love.

The performance highlighted the extensive impact of a couple's love, notably that of Tatiana and Lucian. Their joy, extending beyond themselves, influences not only their immediate community but also reaches wider networks. This ripple effect of love and joy has the potential to inspire communities and their extended circles profoundly and subtly, throughout time.

Audiovisual Meditation with sound by Amanda Gregory and video by Scott Gregory- December 2021
 *Listen with headphones for the full range of psychoacoustic effects such as voice generated binaural frequencies and bilateral harmonics (EMDR)

     This song represents the second version, born from the collaboration "Breath of Origin" with Maxi Cohen during our artist-in-residency at the Design Science Studio (project listed below). Drawing inspiration from Cohen's video art, which captures bubbles in Iceland's hot springs, the song echoes the theme of life's origins in these primordial waters. We integrated this footage with additional material from Gregory's twin brother, Scott, who also synchronized the patterns with the patterns of the psychoacoustic vocals.   His contribution, featuring his own footage of light refracting through water and kaleidoscopic video techniques, artistically transformed this piece using effects that mimic neural networks. 

     This audiovisual piece incorporates the Schumann Resonance, a fundamental frequency of the natural world vibrating at 7.83 hertz, essential to the evolution of life on Earth. The Schumann Resonance comprises low-frequency electromagnetic waves within the Earth-ionosphere cavity, influenced by lightning discharges. This frequency, linked to Earth's natural processes, has coevolved with all living organisms. Research suggests it synchronizes with human brainwaves, impacting cognitive and emotional states.

As an evolution of the previous version called "Breath of Origin, this composition progressively moves from Delta frequency variations to the peak 7.83 hertz, and incrementally increases, pausing through derivative ratios of 7.83hz, utilizing EMDR panning aiming to connect brain hemispheres and invoke states of relaxation and creativity. It audibly journeys through life's evolution, starting with the sounds of primordial hot spring bubbles, symbolizing the emergence of single-celled organisms. These sounds evolve to represent life's flow from hot springs to rivers and oceans, culminating in the emergence of diverse terrestrial life.

     The piece's central lyric, "We are the universe," encapsulates the unity of all living beings and the concept of a primordial consciousness. It invites listeners to experience a fusion of science and art, contemplating the omnipresent Schumann Resonance and its fundamental interconnectedness with human biorhythms and of life on Earth. 

     The piece explores the resonance's influence on life's evolution and its synchrony with brainwaves, promoting relaxation and creativity. The transformative sound of water in the piece symbolizes life's journey, from its genesis in nurturing hot springs to its expansion into rivers and vast oceans, culminating in the emergence of diverse life forms on land. The recurring lyric, "We are the universe," highlights the unity of all life and the concept of a primordial consciousness. The piece invites listeners to a contemplative experience of the balance between science and art, fostering an appreciation for the interconnectedness of all beings within the Earth's natural frequencies.

Hacking enlightenment: Can ultrasound help you transcend reality?  
Short Documentary on Work of Jay Sanguinetti and Shingzen Young
Film score contribution by Amanda Gregory- July 2021

     "Can technology help us be peaceful, calmer, more blissful people? In short - yes, And - it opens a whole another can of worms. The film I made for #theguardian is showcasing one of the possibilities of so called “enlightenment technologies”, as well as the inner conflict the scientists are facing. We know by now where in the brain the enlightenment button lives, and we can create more peaceful states of mind - but the long term effects, addictabity and ethics of such power remain questionable. I hope this story sparks a bigger conversation.

      What do you think about technology helping humans to become more connected with themselves, spirituality, and ultimately, the Earth?"- Lina Lyte Plioplyte, director of this project

The Team: @lina.LyteSilvija Woolf @evan Carter Amanda Gregory Justinas Vencius

Happy Birthday, RæRæ- a playful audiovisual composition and birthday gift

     For 'Happy Birthdæ, RæRæ,' I ventured into new personal endeavors of audiovisual artistry, creating a personalized and emotive birthday gift for my fiancé’s daughter, Rachel. The music is a live vocal recording with psychoacoustic effects, with aim to transform the traditional birthday song into an immersive auditory experience that was intricately crafted for Rachel. 

     I further explored foundational techniques such as layering, applying it thoughtfully to both sound and imagery. The layering process allowed me to build a rich, multi-dimensional tapestry, and experimenting with various animation styles allowed me to explore new ways to blend motion and narrative. The inclusion of the toroid shape was a subtle homage to my fascination with geometric forms. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the toroid also symbolized the theme of life’s cycle, resonating with the essence of a birthday—a celebration of another year, another cycle in life’s continuum.

     While this project provided me with an opportunity to explore and refine different techniques in audiovisual composition, it was primarily a labor of love, born from a deep-seated desire to create something truly memorable for Rachel’s birthday.  It was a convergence of my professional skills and personal affection, culminating in a piece that I hope resonates with warmth, playfulness, and joy.

Lagrange 7- naturæ sapiens 
Audiovisual work with sound by Amanda Gregory and video by Michael Saup - April 2021
     This piece was created in collaboration with video artist Michael Saup- a sonic conceptual exploration of the spatial coordinates in outer space known as the Lagrange points, in which the gravitational forces of the two large planetary bodies and the centrifugal force balance each other and there is no pulling effect from other sources of gravity.  Zen, the bird makes a cameo during the recording and his presence in the film symbolically points to the commonalities between humans and the co-evolved vocal learning creatures of earth.  The Schumann resonance provides a deep and fundamental bass throughout the music, emulating the precursor to vibration.  Bilateral harmonics exponentially emerge in ratios of the Schumann Resonance and 528Hz.
Breath of Origin
Audiovisual Meditation with sound by Amanda Gregory and video by Maxi Cohen- March 2021
 *Listen with headphones for the full range of psychoacoustic effects such as voice generated binaural frequencies and bilateral harmonics (EMDR)
     This piece combines the sound from this footage by video artist Maxi Cohen of volcanic hot springs in Iceland. The music uses a fundamental rhythm that is below audible frequency called the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz (on average), also known as "the heartbeat of the earth". Conceptually, I imagine the air bubbling up to the surface from the thermal vents as a sort of exhale from the electromagnetic field of the earth. I wonder about the intelligence of the evolutionary process itself, given all the order, complex patterns, geometry, and mathematics that are embedded into the structure of reality and consciousness. What if a such thing as “earth consciousness” intuitively pursued the existence of intelligent life forms, and that these intelligent life forms would eventually evolve to someday be able to protect and regulate her atmosphere against the natural occurrence of asteroids, solar, flares, changes in ourselves, and changes in the climate.

Improvised Dance with Green Screen Effect with Vision Train
online performance with Amanda Gregory and video art by Scott Gregory on Zoom- 2020

This is a sample intended to give the general sense of blending animated visuals with physical movement, though note that the sample is from from past online performances utilizing green screen and the technology for future performances would implement SDXL turbo to motion track and project Amanda's avatar onto the large screen for specific scenes where visuals blend with the body to create a sense of first person perspective for audiences at large scales such as the solar system, a black hole, a nebula, the Universe, etc.  SDXL Turbo is a real-time text-to-image generation model based on Stable Diffusion, along with a custom model that allows for embedding of AI-generated content into image frames obtained from a webcam. This will be used to transform Amanda into imagined forms generated by AI mirroring her body positions and movements.  More info on this tech here:

Synæsthetics:::Facebook Live at the Awakened Futures Summit -April 2020
*Wear headphones for psychoacoustic effects
The Atlas of Emotions- Google I/O- May 2019

     "Commissioned by Dalai Lama and created by Drs. Paul & Eve Ekman, The Atlas of Emotions is a visual online tool developed to build an emotional language that helps us answer these very questions. In partnership with Dr. Eve Ekman of The Greater Good Science Center at U.C. Berkeley, Monom, and Google A.I. - this debut experiment is an experiential evolution of the Atlas project that explores how new technologies in sound and A.I. can facilitate embodied understanding of our emotional experiences. 

Connecting the cyclical dynamics of natural phenomena to the ever-evolving flux of human feeling - digital opera artist Amanda Gregory enacts a fundamental human journey of longing and belonging. Within a spatial sound landscape - M.L. generated sonic entities are created via N’Synth Super and Magenta Studio. These entities live and self-perpetuate, merging and interacting with the human voice, body and the environment."

     Amanda Gregory collaborated with Monom and the Spatial Sound Institute on this immersive multimedia production of “Atlas of Emotions” that aims to explore the depth of human emotion with experimental improvisation, authentic vocalization, morphing the voice with the sounds of diverse species, and responding to the sounds of nature and elements of weather as emotional stimuli.   Sounds are programmed to motion sensors that connect Gregory’s physical movement to the movement of 3D sound throughout 85 omni-directional speakers.  This was premiered at the Google IO Conference’s Main Art Stage on May 7, 2019.

Below is an example of motion tracking gloves used for 4D spatial sound while performing at the Google IO conference in 2019. 

I Am- audiovisual meditation- December 2019
 *Listen with headphones for psychoacoustic effects

     In my live performances of "I Am," audiences are guided to sit across from an another participant and to explore the potential of human consciousness and empathy.

During the performance, I sing a mantra of the well-known Eminem lyric “I am whatever you say I am,”  as a playful recontextualization around it’s meaning with with added voice-generated psychoacoustic effects, creating an immersive soundscape that anchors a ceremonial contemplation.

The piece is divided into three distinct one-minute sections. In each section, I invite participants to shift their focus and mode of engagement with their partner:

  • First Minute - Witnessing and Being Witnessed (Part A): I encourage one partner (Person A) to witness Person B. This involves Person A fully engaging with and observing Person B, contemplating the vastness and resilience of Person B’s life journey.
  • Second Minute - Role Reversal (Part B): Partners switch roles. Now Person B becomes the witness, engaging in the same contemplative and empathetic observation of Person A.

  • Third Minute - Mutual Recognition (Part C): In the final minute, both partners simultaneously engage in witnessing and being witnessed. This shared moment is about acknowledging each other’s existence and the shared human experience.

     Throughout the performance, participants are immersed in the act of deep, intentional observation and acknowledgment. They are invited to consider the infinite aspects of each other's consciousness and to imagine how they might be moved if able to comprehend the life stories and struggles each person might have had to overcome to be who they are. By doing so, they not only connect with the person in front of them but also with the broader tapestry of human experience and resilience.

"I Am" is a space for introspection, connection, and the celebration of our shared humanity. Through this live interaction, participants empathically explore the beauty of recognizing the depth and complexity in another.

VERGE 18- Global Energy Conference- October 2018

     The VERGE Global Energy Conference brings together a diverse audience to explore the opportunities and challenges in decarbonizing global energy systems.  Opera artist Amanda Gregory performs with live Augmented Reality, representing the personified relationship between Nature, Technology, and ourselves.

Making it’s debut at the Festival of the Impossible exhibit at Minnesota Street Project, the interdisciplinary collaboration translates Gregory’s operatic vocal performance into a live projection map of the sounds and the moods of the music, creating a multi-sensory exploration of meaning.   Electronic soundscapes and real-time visuals portray an elegant dialogue between the archetypal embodiment of Nature as Earth’s evolutionary force, and Technology as the extension of human capabilities and will.  The piece offers a vignette to experience ourselves as an extension of nature, interlinked with technology as an extension of us.

Amanda Gregory propogates live visuals with Android Jones' Microdose VR- 2017

Created in 2017, this demo is an artistic exploration where tilt brush controller propogate pre-programmed images, a technology developed by prolific artist Android Jones and Microdose VR. For  For future live performances, rather than using tilt brushes to generate-propagate streams of images, Gregory is developing the ability to use cameras to track movement and to detect specific gestures for creating streams of 3D, AI-generated objects and animations for interactive scenes.

AndroMeta- The Pyramid at Playa Alchemy- August 2017
     AndroMeta at Burning Man Festival 2017 "With the emergence of a new chapter in human history as profound as Artificial Intelligence, an omni-sensory art form has evolved with algorithms to more deeply understand our own humanity. Andrometa- a cross-disciplinary team of artists brings you into an aprototypical experience of ecstatic collective reprogramming. Audiences interaction programs the AI, throughout improvisational songs inspired by the Eight-Circuit Model of Consciousness. Developed by psychologist Timothy Leary, the model is a theory that proposes the human brain consists of eight circuits or "gears" of consciousness, which govern our psychological states and development. These circuits include various aspects of human experience, ranging from basic survival and emotional needs to higher states of mystical and psychic experiences. Explore the limitless possibilities of self discovery through computer vision demonstration, interactive visuals, electronic music and dance. Expressionist Amanda Gregory live exhibits research based AI communication, while performing with light and sound. Ceremonializing absurdity through a prism of perspectives, experience the live downloading of the 5 universal emotions, gaining a deeper understanding of our human hardware.”

Visuals/Video Projection- Stephen Standridge (multimedia artist)
Introduction- Bruce Damer (biologist)
AI Consultation- Tom Chi (technologist)
Anchor 1
AndroMeta Light Experience- Group Hypnogogia- Flickering Light and 3D Sound
The Center SF- April 2017

     In April 2017, an experiment was conducted at The Center SF that delved into the potential of hypnagogic light therapy, led by Amanda Gregory and Zachary Noel. This exploration centered around the Lucia Light Technology, an advanced tool designed to induce altered states of consciousness through precise light frequencies. The Lucia Light employs a combination of white LEDs and stroboscopic lights, working in a unique spectrum that ranges typically between 3 and 100 Hz. These frequencies are specifically chosen to resonate with brainwave patterns, facilitating the transition to states akin to meditation or deep relaxation.

     Complementing this visual experience, 3D music by Tom Montagliano provided an immersive auditory backdrop. The intricate sound patterns of his compositions synergized with the light frequencies, enhancing the overall sensory experience. This combination of targeted light frequencies and enveloping soundscapes created a multi-dimensional environment conducive to profound mental and emotional exploration.

The inclusion of guided group meditation in the experiment added a communal dimension to the experience. This collective journey not only enriched individual experiences but also demonstrated the powerful impact of shared meditative practices. Participants reported a diverse range of experiences, from serene relaxation to more profound, introspective journeys, highlighting the effectiveness of integrating             Lucia Light's specific light frequencies with immersive 3D sound and meditation.

This experiment represented a significant step in blending technology with spirituality. It showcased the potential of using LED technology and specific light frequencies in harmony with sound and meditation. By leveraging the precise science of light frequencies and LED technology, alongside traditional meditative practices, this approach offered a unique pathway to explore consciousness and the human experience.

Anchor 1
Eureka-  Neuroleadership Summit- November 2016
NeuroLeadership Institute Summit Performance
     This performance was in collaboration with a global research organization that leverages the latest neuroscience research to transform businesses and organizations worldwide.  Along with 40,000 online viewers, the conference attendees were invited to integrate the weekend of experiential learning through an improvised meditative musical performance created by opera artist Amanda Gregory.
The Fifth Element (A)live- The Great Star Theatre- August 2016
     Amanda Gregory performs a modern rendition of Handel's famous aria "Piangeró la sorte mia" from Cleopatra. The Fifth Element (A)Live is an immersive experience and Sci-fi-Classic in a live theatrical setting with multiple projectors, live performances, special effects and more.
Xenoglossia- Future Time Machine- November 2015
     "Drop a Beet" by Amanda Gregory,+ producers and performers- Chris Stevens, Scott Jones, Zárate Zaaló, and Noah Clough Video compiled onto documentation from Future Time Machine- an eclectic, underground music and performance art installation event with visual, multimedia, musical, and performance artists, centered around a uniquely themed creation- a real investment of $1000 into an actual fund for 500 years. Assuming a modest 4% annual return, the investment will be approximately 328 billion dollars in the year 2515, at which point it will be spent on scientific research and the construction of a time machine. First stop for the time machine was this event on November 21st, 2015. 
Anchor 1
Xenoglossia- The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston- March 2015
Screen shot 2015-03-28 at 12.40.33 PM
Screen shot 2015-03-28 at 12.45
Screen shot 2015-03-28 at 12.43
Screen shot 2015-03-28 at 12.45

     Xenoglossia introduced performance art in a spectacular presentation that had the black-tie crowd in awe.  A trained opera singer, Gregory best describes the experience, as "an ensemble of shape-shifting matrix transplants utilizing light, sound, color and symbols to transport you into a holographic reality.

Sound and video artist Jonathan Jindra, tech artist Bradley Muñoz and musician Zárate Zaaló combined their talents with a kaleidoscopic video projection that morphed as Gregory sang. Even her prismatic hair changed colors, in keeping with her vocal frequencies. For her chanting and serenading, Gregory wore a 10-foot high metal dress, sculpted by artist Patrick Renner." - CultureMap

The Knells- award-winning neo chamber art rock group- 2013
10 Spiral KnellsThe Knells
00:00 / 10:01

     The Knells are an art rock ensemble from Brooklyn, NY led by composer and guitarist Andrew McKenna Lee. Drawing inspiration from over 1000 years of western classical music and deftly fusing it with the worlds of progressive, psychedelic, and experimental rock.

     "[The Knells'] lyrics ponder cosmic conditions and cycles — time, space, dissolution, regeneration — and they are sung by three women, often in cascading counterpoint that can invoke Renaissance polyphony or Minimalism. The songs aren't verse-chorus-verse; they sweep ahead, through passages of tolling solo electric guitar, of elegiac vocal melodies and harmonies, of note-bending quasi-Indian strings and guitar, of progressive-rock processionals. The classical training and female harmonies can make the Knells similar to Dirty Projectors, but this band looks toward Europe and tone poems rather than Africa and pop. Instead of hooks there are sustained dramatic arcs, meticulous and serpentine." -The New York Times

     Call of the Ouroboros was a multidisciplinary elaboration of the Knells at the Houston Fringe Festival, in which Amanda Gregory, sculptural artist Patrick Renner, and video artist Jonathan Jindra worked collaboratively to performThe Knell’s in a theatrically-engaging performance-installation. Gregory employs her powerful vocals as middle voice in the luscious three-part sonic experience of lucid dream-like states.

Listen to The Knells:

Best Album 2013 #6 by the New Republic

Sweet Lost Pierrot- The Nouveau Classical Project- 2012
     Amanda Gregory performs "Pierrot Lunaire" with the Nouveau Classical Project.  
The Nouveau Classical Project (NCP), founded by Sugar Vendil is a New York-based contemporary classical music ensemble that is "bringing a refreshing edge to the widely conservative genre" (VICE). It began by collaborating with fashion designers for its concerts and has expanded to creating multidisciplinary performances.  Its mission is to engage new audiences and show that classical music is a living, breathing art form.  
     Sweet Lost Pierrot was an interdisciplinary concert that celebrated the 100th anniversary of Arnold Schoenberg’s 'Pierrot Lunaire.' Schoenberg was among the most important contemporary composers, being the founder of Serialism and 12-tone music, creating fundamentally new tonal structures for experiencing sound.  
Press on Nouveau Classical Project:

“expert technique, impassioned playing” - I care if you listen

"...bringing a refreshing edge to the widely conservative genre...NCP's work makes a stage for finding nuance in rigid categories." - VICE
"Leading this unlikely intersection of classical music and fashion..." - THE NEW YORK TIMES
"The Nouveau Classical Project is…putting a new face on classical music." - NPR

"Classical music’s got an edge these days, and we have the Nouveau Classical Project to thank for that." - MILK MADE

"NCP...deserve props for the premiere performance..." - NEW MUSIC BOX

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