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  • Synæsthetics- hosted by Design Science Studio
    Thu, Sep 03
    Sep 03, 2020, 10:00 PM PDT
    Synæsthetics is a 3D immersive sound experience that aims to emulate dream-like states and synesthesia. Improvising vocals to create a kaleidoscopic fabric of sound while generating live psychoacoustic effects such as binaural beats, EMDR, brain wave entrainment, and ASMR (brain-tingling sensation

Live Virtual Performances 

Varela International Symposium
May 30th, 2020
Exploring the Great Landscape of Awareness- 
Insights from- Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Buddhism

Excerpts from a recent live online facilitation of Synæsthetics- an immersive sound experience that fosters openness to experience through synesthesia.

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