Recent Experience on May 30th
Meta Music- an immersive sound experience
Sat, May 30
May 30, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT
Experience meta awareness with a sound journey designed to foster Open Mindfulness (openness to experience + mindfulness) through carefully designed psychoacoustics, ASMR nature sounds and live ethereal operatic vocals. Register below to receive a reminder and more details.
              Amanda Gregory

Meta Music is an immersive sound experience with creative elements and grounding frameworks that enable the mind to expand beyond its familiar boundaries.   Emulating the ‘zooming in and out’ of meta awareness, Meta Music draws on contemplative and psychological science to foster Open Mindfulness (Openness to Experience + Mindfulness).   Orbiting sound holograms within 3d Sonic landscapes stimulate an appreciation of our embeddedness within multiple dimensions of space, time, and subjectivity.  Amanda Gregory’s operatically-trained voice serves as a grounding anchor, creating melodies that traverse scales and genres, and initiating harmonics that evoke emotion and resonance.  Psychoacoustic effects such as binaural beating and ASMR (brain-tingling sensations) are generated from her live vocal mixing, and are designed to induce theta wave brain states.

As an artist and resident at Santa Barbara Center for Arts Science and Technology, this project is in collaboration with META Lab and the Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential. 

*Wearing headphones is recommended to experience the full range of these effects.

Excerpts from a recent live online facilitation of Synæsthetics- an immersive sound experience that fosters openness to experience through synesthesia.