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This project aims to iteratively explore creative elements and grounding frameworks that can enable sound experiences to expand the mind beyond its familiar boundaries.   I am currently an artist in residence with the Santa Barbara Center for Science, Art, and Technology, and in partnership and collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Schooler and UCSB’s META Lab, developing compositions using interception and real time data from a biometric system that measures heart- rate variability, galvanic skin response and EEG.  I am interested in creating work where these psychophysiological rhythms would serve as the primary ‘beats’ of the music and take listeners through a sonic journey of experiencing nested biorhythms as the primary instruments in the self symphony of emergent frequencies.  Ultimately, I am interested in exploring the question of how music and ceremonial sound experiences might serve as a metaphorical context for Vibrational Resonance,  and I have a great deal of interest in the evolution of language and communication curiosity around inter-brain communication.  I am currently working on translating geometry and other patterns of nature into 3D sound, and emulating diverse experiences such as synesthesia, with the attempt of communicating important aspects of mental life including: the intelligence of perceptual systems, the phenomenology of different brain wave states, and the emergent understanding of those states when observed with meta-awareness.  

Meta Music

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