In collaboration with UCSB's META Lab, Santa Barbara Center for Arts Science and Technology, and The Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential, this project aims to iteratively explore creative elements and grounding frameworks that can enable sound experiences to expand the mind beyond its familiar boundaries.   Amanda Gregory is a formerly trained opera singer who collaborates with world-renown scientists and technologists to create immersive sound experiences that draw from research on neuroscience, consciousness, vibrational resonance theory, and psychophysics.   She live improvises with songs of diverse species, generating psychoacoustic effects such as EMDR and Binaural Frequencies, combining ceremonial containers with scientific frameworks to explore meta awareness, emulate synesthesia, induce theta wave brain states, and increase openness to experience.

Meta Music

A demo of Nested Nows is being developed for the Art-Tech-Health section of the Science of Consciousness Conference hosted by University of Arizona Center for Consciousness Studies.  
Please email if you would like a link to the demo, abstract, and/or more information about how to collaborate or participate in this iterative process.